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CNC Router

Grand Rapids Carvers provides Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology for a wide range of CNC milling services needed for any custom woodworking-manufacturing requirement. We cater to the wood office furniture industry and the handmade furniture market. With expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we are capable of manufacturing a wide range of woodworking products including, but not limited to Plywood, bent panels, MDF board and solid woods such as Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Teak and Mahogany. All that is needed is a blueprint, or DWG or DXF file of your design and our staff will configure the tooling needed to manufacture the product.

CNC milling is a cutting process in which material is removed from a block of wood by a rotating tool. Cutting tools of almost any profile shape are available and if your tooling needs are not one of our stocked tools then our expert tooling supplier can make them to meet your specifications. A wide variety of part shapes and geometrics are possible.

Our CNC router work is done on a router which features increased automation and accuracy of the manufacturing process and delivers high quality with precise consistency.

Clients benefit from our more flexible and faster CNC production capabilities. Our CNC milling and turning services enable us to provide customers in many different industries with a quality product.

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